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Arbeitsgruppe Kritische Geographien globaler Ungleichheiten
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Profilbild von Necmettin Türk

Über Mich


As a researcher-activist, Necmettin has a strong interest in political ecology, social ecology, democratic autonomy, conflict, colonialism/decolonization and decoloniality due to his longstanding human rights, political and environmental activism and academic works. Specifically, he has focused on economic and social rights (the right to food, land and water); small-scale/family farming, rural development and peasants, land-grabbing, land tenure and commons; the food systems, food security, food sovereignty, agroecology and drought.


Necmettin´s PhD research project focuses on democratic autonomy as an alternative model and strategy to the conventional nation-state or capitalist enterprises’ experiences concerning to deal with climate crisis, socio-ecological vulnerabilities and socio-economic inequalities to develop ecological agriculture and to transform communities into just and equal socio-economic systems in convergence of climate crisis/drought and conflict.

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