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Arbeitsgruppe Kritische Geographien globaler Ungleichheiten
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Proud of the moustache and the nopal. Born and raised in Mexico, but with a few years living abroad. Bachelor in Law (Mexico), master in natural sciences and resource management (Mexico and Köln), currently PhD student (Hamburg). My interest started with creating and evaluating public policies in the environmental area. Afterwards, I worked on risk, vulnerability, and finally political ecology. I had the possibility to work on the evaluation of local laws for the conservation of natural areas in Brazil. Also, I worked on analysing farmers’ vulnerability in southern Morocco and South Sudan. Now, I work on analyzing the different discourses of and about the Brazilian Amazon land use and management from a Pluriversal, Multiepistemic and Latin American perspective.

~ Risk and vulnerability management and assessment ~ Political ecology and governance ~ Land use change and management ~ Discourse analysis

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